Art and his team of master masons are experts in chimney repairs and stonework. Our detail-oriented team has over 75 years of experience.

We also do brick laying, flue installation, ash-pits doors, stainless steel flue caps, tuckpointing, brick replacement and insurance work for damaged masonry. Our indoor and outdoor fireplaces and wall construction are award winning.

We custom dye mortar so it matches what is on your home and sets us apart from others.

Give us a call at 414-436-5434 today.

Thank you for visiting my site. We schedule work on a rolling queue and are currently booking work for October/November (as of June 30th). It is possible that any new work may have to be for Spring 2021. 

Also, due to demand, it may take me some time to see a project for a bid request. Thanks again for your interest, have a nice day.

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